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Track What Matters

For public safety professionals the time in-between emergency responses is incredibly valuable. The demands of administrative work, physical fitness and community engagement can mean time for training is limited. Yet, the requirement to maintain continuing education hours for certifications and ensure compliance on mandatory subjects is increasingly important.

Customizable Content

With EP Academy, you can develop your own instructional content, leverage our course library, or both. Our solution lets you deliver the right training to everyone on your team at any time. Ensure certifications don't expire, manage compliance for required courses and provide meaningful virtual learning.

Flexible Training

Many public safety professionals dread sitting behind a computer clicking through an online course. EP Academy works with video-conference platforms like Zoom, Webex, and Google Meet to enable virtual learning. If you are doing an in-person class, EP Academy can be used to track attendance and completion (instead of using that pen-and-paper roster that is passed around the room!).

Learning Paths

If you are a leader of a police, sheriff or fire training division trying to keep up with your members' continuing-education requirements, the administrative burden is real! Lessen the headache with EP Academy's Learning Paths to design coursework and track completion so that you never have a cert/qual lapse again!

Data Reporting

Whether you are tracking ten or a thousand employees, EP Academy's powerful data reporting tools let you analyze completion rates, delinquencies, attendance, etc.

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Set Time-based Objectives

Enable Virtual Classes

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