A People-Centric Solution

With Essential Personnel Perform, we've built a system based on the key principles of US Military performance management.

Evaluate Intelligently

We know that being able to identify your top performers is important, so our personnel evaluation system uses an advanced system of personal metrics to evaluate each and every member of your team.

    Identify your top performers
    Avoid inflated evaluations
    See the total employee

Build Your Team

EP makes it easy to view, organize and manage an entire team from a clean and simplified layout. Team member profiles are condensed into a quick-viewcard, consolidating key details into a format that can be read at a glance and managed on the fly.

    Manage your organizational structure
    Create special teams & committees
    Search and compare employees

Track Qualifications & Certifications

New certifications, diplomas or any official document can be uploaded by employees and routed to supervisors for approval and addition to their profile.

    Track & verify bona fides
    Secure sensitive employee data
    Tailor organization documents
    Access professional development records

Recognize Excellence

With EP, it’s easy to generate awards and commendatory material for team members. Exceptional performance and expertise deserve recognition. EP’s customizable award system helps track the achievements and honorable status of members of your team.

    Create new awards for your team
    See awards on team profiles and in your org chart
    Upload ribbons and medals

A Holistic View of Performance

We tailored our profile system to the needs of public safety professionals. Performance evaluation tools seamlessly blend with the fit & finish of social media, merging utility, comfort and familiarity into a single, powerful system.

    View an employee’s complete profile as a one page summary
    Reveal the employee’s complete history at your organization
    Highlight important evaluations

Comprehensive Feedback

With our feedback tools, the collaborative integrity of your personnel is accessible at a glance. Our 360 review system avoids the problems and complications created by dreaded “top down” evaluations, ensuring optimum growth and upward mobility of top personnel.

    Create targeted surveys and reviews
    Distribute organization wide or to specific groups & individuals
    Collect critical feedback from your team

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