EP Safety & Wellness

EP Safety & Wellness allows leaders to automatically track critical incidents, injuries and exposures while also enabling support resources like a peer assist team or your Health & Safety administrator.

Incident Reporting

This powerful tool empowers employees and supervisors to log exposures and injuries. We can also automatically capture critical/traumatic incidents from your CAD/RMS.

Case Management

We enable your organization to capture specific details related to injuries, exposures, and critical incidents. This central hub allows users to attach relevant documents, images, or files to provide additional context.

Support Personnel

Ensure your team members can access support personnel when they need them. The Safety & Wellness module allows you to list all your Support Personnel in one easily accessible site. This could include your physical fitness trainers, Peer Support team members, counselors and safety officers.

Resource Library

Enable your safety & wellness leaders to post valuable content for your organization. Workouts-of-the-day, instructional videos, articles, research or policies to support the wellness of your team all in one easily accessible place.


The data reporting page allows analysis to determine trends, root causes and identify employees at risk. Compare injuries month-over-month or year-over-year to determine if your action-plans/training made a difference. Track injuries and exposures of your employees over the length of their career.

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